Low Maintenance Resilient Decking, Fencing, Railing

It is Saturday morning and you have nothing to do…except power-wash, sand, seal and repair the deck. Now imagine a long-term solution for decking, fences and railing that requires little effort in terms of maintenance or repair; does not peel, crack, splinter or fade; and can even get stronger over time. No more Saturdays working on the deck!

Already a proven solution for outdoor needs in terms of durability and resistance to ever-changing weather conditions, the growing use of recycled plastic lumber provides a solution that can last for decades. According to vinylbydesign.com, “fencing, decking, railing and other plastic outdoor products—including gazebos, arbors, and bridges—are among the newest applications in the building products industry.”

Because it will not rust or splinter, plastic outdoor living products often are not replaced as often as some other building materials. As an alternative to conventional products, the use of plastic products reduces the loss of habitat and soil from over-harvesting old growth forests.

Products produced of vinyl often can be reheated, melted and used again. Even the vinyl sawdust that is created by decking installation can be put back into the recycling stream.

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